Monday, August 18, 2014

Broken Heart

In reflecting upon many things, I keep reminding myself that God is in control and not surprised by current events world wide, national, locally; and the things happening in our own personal lives, homes, churches and communities.  As world events seem to be getting darker, and evil seems to be gaining ground, I have to keep reminding myself that God is not taken by surprised.  Actually His Word demonstrates this very truth.  So if we will be in The Word and not consumed by being in the world, I believe we can be prepared and not be surprised by the events.  We will be prepared to offer the hope we have when others see these events and cannot make sense out of it and come to us inquiring of our hope.  

So today, prepare yourself.

The enemy has made sure each of us have grown cold and/or bitter from hurts we have experienced.  He has come against us through family, friends and yes even Christian friends or leaders.  All of these offenses can take us in two distinct directions.  One can be to our harm and one can be for our good, for the benefit of others and for God's glory.  We can hold onto our offense and allow it to make us bitter, colder toward others, lack compassion, and even hateful and harsh.  This path makes us a bad testimony to others.  On the other hand, we can take these offenses to God in prayer, ask for Him to help us as WE CHOOSE to forgive and release the offender.  What this does is free us from their offense.  To hold on to it doesn't punish them, it only punishes us.  The thing God showed me is that a broken heart can become very fertile ground for the Father to expand our heart's capacity for love and compassion if we offer our broken heart to Him.  We have to be willing and decide to forgive.  It is a choice of the will.  Then we have to walk out our forgiveness.  
No offense is beyond our capacity to forgive, no matter how bad it is.  I know pain, believe me I have experienced it in large supply.  I have suffered at the hands of many, but it is for my sake that I forgive.  So let it go, release the offender, and leave them in the hands of Jesus to deal with.  You will be set free as you do it.  

The picture that I saw as these thoughts were flooding my mind was that of a heart that was broken, but not destroyed.  The heart was now able to freely expand its capacity because of the fractures.  Can you see that image?  

So if you are a follower of Christ and your heart has been fractured, run to the Father and ask Him to lead you into forgiveness because you choose to forgive today.  Act lovingly toward them and allow the Lord to love the offender through you.  In the process, you will experience the expansion of your fractured heart and it will become stronger and you will be free!!!!