Thursday, November 20, 2014

Preparing for Flight

When we originally give birth to our children, we desire they be healthy.  Some may want the child to grow up and be an athlete, intelligent, very social, or outgoing.  But when it comes down to it, don't we want our children to learn from our mistakes, or lessons learned in life and our wisdom.  We want them to have a great life regardless of what they chose to do with their time.

I have been pondering these points as we are anticipating our oldest daughter heading to college in the fall of next year.  We are in the middle of looking at possible colleges, filling out applications for admission and scholarships.  Looking at what the universities offer in line with her pursuits.  So as this task is ever before us, I can't help but contemplate all that I would like for her to carry with her.

I think of the packing that will need to be done, but I am not talking about the physical packing.  I am referring to the "Lessons in life".  When we will no longer be there with her to navigate the storms and temptations that will come her way, I ponder all that I wished I had shared.  Did I tell her to...  when... happens.   Boy that luggage is overstuffed.

There was a realization that occurred to me that even though I will not be there, she will not be alone. There is one MUCH greater than me that will never leave her nor forsake her.  He is the one that loves her SO MUCH more than I can.  He hired me to prepare her for such a time as this, and now He is preparing her to fly from the nest.  I can pack the bag for her to take with her, but it will be up to her and the Holy Spirit to unpack it (or not).  Just like every single trip I ever take, I always over pack and take more than I need.  Perhaps, she will not need half of the "lessons learned" and the wisdom that I think she will need.  And perhaps, since she will have the Greater One with her, maybe she will not need as much in the luggage, because she will be able to get the stuff locally and that way it will be fresher and much more relevant to her.

So all in all, I need to worry less, trust more and sit back and watch my heavenly Father mold my daughter into the most beautiful masterpiece as I release this darling into His care.

My desire is to protect her from hurt/harm, sin, and all the consequences that come from each.  But sin is redeemable, harm is part of life and consequences teach us more in a few minutes than a thousand lectures ever will.  So as she launches out, my prayers go with her always.  My heart goes with her. But most of all, my heavenly Father goes with her.  That is where I get my greatest comfort.

Why is it parents desperately desire for their children to walk obediently?  Not because we do not want them to have fun.  Parents know the obedient path is always the better path.  Parents want obedience also because we have invested much of our time and effort in providing opportunities for our children's success, whether in sports, education or music etc.  We  invest time and or money in hopes that the endeavor will be worth it in the end to open up opportunities for their future.  We have laid the ground work for them to be successful.  Our fear is that the football player will no longer want to play, the straight A student decides not to go to college, or the musician burns out.

When opportunities to be successful get tossed aside, the investment is called into question.  We can set our children up for success, we can provide them with the opportunity, but in the end it will be up to them to either take advantage of it, or not. We all hope they will take full advantage of them all.  But no matter what, one way or another, they will fly.

The Mid-Term Election of 2014

Weighing in on the latest election.  I am a conservative who believes in the foundation of our country.  I believe that we have made errors at times as a nation, but I am still a patriot.  I support and am thankful for those who step up and serve our country, and the freedoms we all share as a result.  I believe according to scripture, if you are able to work, if you choose not to do so, you go hungry.  I do not say that lightly.  However, if work is available and you are able, it is not societies responsibility to take care of your basic needs.

I believe according to scripture we are to care for those that are unable to care for themselves; widows and orphans.  But a young widow who is able to work should do so. This will eliminate her from growing idle and being prone to gossip.  The care and compassion of helping others talked about in scripture is not about handouts and enabling laziness.

We as a country should be concerned to care for those weak, and disabled, but not those who are just taking advantage of the rest of us who are contributing to society and not being a drain on society.

I believe in exercising compassion to those in TRUE need.

Our country has got to start exercising fiscal responsibility.  For the Republicans who just took over control of the Senate and who now control both houses of the legislative branch, I pray they do not go back to their old ways.  I have been disappointed in them before.

For the sake of our children's future, I hope they will step up and take responsibility of our out-of-control spending.  This was not as much of a vote in the favor of the Republicans as it was a vote against the Democrats.  Now a win is still a win, but PLEASE take note, we are all watching, and what takes place in the next two years can and will effect the swing of power in the parties for the presidential elections.

I am by all that I stand for, a Republican.  Now as the house and the senate move forward with a majority of Republicans, work with President Obama and find a way to get spending under control, Get to work defending our borders.  Get out of the job of civil matters, because those issues are not going to matter.  Find ways to protect my vote.  Stop allowing voter fraud to occur, which only serves to diminish my vote.  Stop worrying about polls, and re-elections and go do the job you were hired to do.  Balance the budget.  (our financial standing is a huge matter of national security.)

This majority that the Republicans are holding will be very fleeting if there is not considerable change before the next round of elections.  That includes safety and security.

So go do what you are hired to do.  Remember you work for us, not the other way around.  No matter what Gruber thinks of us "stupid voters".  Balance the budget, protect our borders.  Federal government is way to big and needs to be reduced.  And no matter what anyone says, small businesses do create an abundance of jobs in our county.

My prayer is that our leaders would be men and women of integrity.  I pray they will be convicted to take action that will return us to righteousness, compassion, strength and integrity.

I pray we as a nation will turn our hearts back to our founding principles and turn our eyes back toward God for His precepts to become our plumb line once again.


Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Searching the Scriptures

I have been busy studying the word in a bible study by Beth Moore.  I started it over the summer in an online group and joined with my church family to study it along with the videos this fall.  The study is on 1 and 2 Thessalonians.  

As I lean into the study of God's word, I want to keep in the forefront of my mind that "Too much Word and not enough Spirit you puff up. Too much Spirit and not enough Word you blow up. With the Word and the Spirit together, you grow up. - Anonymous"  So thankful for our leader sharing this quote with us on Monday night.

I believe I need to search the scripture to determine God's direction for me, so I will be able to discern lies from truth, and so I will know God's ways and will.  If something comes to me outside of the scripture, I need to be able to measure it against what I know about God's character, His word and Him. If it lines up with scripture, I can receive it, but God will not speak counter to His word.

I pray we all search the scriptures and burn with hunger for the word in the presence and fullness of the Holy Spirit.

I also pray that we search the word of God in an effort to become better aquainted with God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit.  I pray that we will grow in our love for Him, grow in our knowledge of Him and grow in our desire for Him.