Saturday, October 15, 2016

What if I am Right and You are Wrong about Eternal Matters???

I had an image or dream in my head of a conversation I was having with someone of power who was

taunting me for all that I professed to believe to be true in life.  In essence, my beliefs were being put on trial.

As this thought/dream would not leave my mind, time would pass and it would hang out just underneath the surface of my consciousness.  Almost as if I was slightly aware of it still dangling in my thoughts.

So today I decided to try to put it into words.

I believe that I have a purpose for my life.  I believe I was created to know my Creator.  I believe He wants to enter into a personal connection with me and do life with me.  As this progresses, I begin to enjoy life even if my circumstances are not enjoyable.  Continuing on with that, I then become a different person.  I become one that desires to behave in a way that contradicts my inner fleshly desires and self-centered pursuits.  I begin to long to rise above myself and proceed to do that which may not be even in my own best interest.  In all that I do, I begin to bring attention and glory to the one that Created me and the one that is continually refining and perfecting me.  My goal becomes
"to know God, to be known by God and to make Him known to others."

The image in my head was me conveying this information to another.  This other person didn't believe in the existence of God nor did this person think I had any right to believe this for myself.  Also, my intelligence was called into question as was my character and credibility.  I was being taunted as a redneck, bigotted idiot.  So here is what stuck with me.  I simply said that if what I believe to be true is indeed wrong, what did I loose.  I am pursuing right living.  I am pursuing a desire to love those I encounter.  I long for others to not be held captive by lifestyles and choices that can rob them of a happy life.  BUT here is what stood out the most to me...  WHAT IF I AM RIGHT AND YOU ARE WRONG...  What will you loose?  complete and utter separation from your creator and maybe separation from those you love,  Hell for eternity will be your eternal existence yet never be able to escape it not even in death.  In the meanwhile, you will miss out on the full life that is in Christ.  It doesn't promise to be pain free or easy, but I can tell you in the midst of bad circumstances, we can be filled with hope, love, peace, joy and strength.

I have to ask  if there are any who read this that may say "there has to be more to life than this". There has to be those who ponder purpose and meaning that extends beyond our own selfish existence.  What if I am right?  What if there is a better way of living and what if you are wrong?  Would you want to know?

Are there those in your life that may want to know?

If you are in Christ, I challenge you to not share this message with another but be the message.  Live a life dependent on God, filled with the Holy Spirit.  Not filled with condemnation but responsive to inner conviction prompted by walking with Christ.  Prompted even more as you pursue living a life that pleases the Holy Spirit that lives within you and guides you.  And living a life that lines up with the scripture because it helps you navigate a hostile world.  I personally do not want you to get puffed up with knowledge of the word but just be transformed into a loving, compassionate, gracious, pure, kind, and holy child of God.

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