Friday, June 13, 2014

Abiding in the Temple

I have been reading several books that have been confirming my thoughts regarding abiding and the care of the temple of the Holy Spirit which is our body for those who belong to Christ. So do not grow weary in caring for God's temple for his Holy Spirit. Ask him to equip you, strengthen you, and lift you up. Be of good cheer for The Lord your God is with you.

According to Rick Warren in his book The Daniel Plan, the key to long lasting success is developing new positive habits. Consider that your body is not yours. Your the caretaker of God's property so ask Him to dwell with you/abide with you. Be motivated by that and by knowing you will give an account for how you cared for your body. This knowledge is not for your condemnation but for your motivation.
As for our own will power and shear determination, it is only good for about a month or two. BUT His power within you, sustains you and will help equip you. 
Notice a tree: The limbs and branches are not working and concentrating on producing leaves and fruit. As long as it remains attached to the trunk it just produces. He said we would be like might oaks of righteousness. Think of the many that could rest and seek refuge in our shade. So all we need to do is remain in connection with Him. Let's learn how to abide in His presence. Let's learn to be aware He is with us. Let's learn to be satisfied in our relationship with Him. Running our daily decisions before our counselor guide and friend. Just communing with him. As much as we lean into Him and remain with Him, we will abide. As much as we abide/remain in His love, we will be satisfied. As much as we are satisfied in Him, we will be able to succeed in caring for His temple.
Regarding abiding: You can be married and not feel connected to your spouse. You can be in a crowd and feel alone. Why? I think it is because we are not connected Think of a time when you felt in good fellowship or connection to another person What was it you were doing? And why did you connect. I believe that may help us transfer how to feel more connected to God. Being connected to Him is the key to everything.

Just look at the Old Testament pictures of the priest busy caring for the temple. It was the place where the "Great I Am" dwelt. If we spend time not worshipping our bodies, but taking care of our bodies in the best way we are able to, in order to be able to be an instrument useful to the Lord of our lives.

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