Thursday, March 6, 2014

A way to help you accomplish your resolution (Old post revised)

How is your New Year's resolution working for you?  For those who made exercise and weight loss part of your New Year's Resolution, I have a guideline that may help you get a jump start.  It is merely a suggestion and by no means an absolute.  However, if you will take all or part of the guideline and apply it, you will find accomplishing your resolution more attainable.   Now I suggest at the minimum 3 - 4 days per week.  If you cannot do the 7 days, combine the belly blast as a follow up on the walking days.  This is the minimum standards and as you conquer these, feel free to add on time and speed as needed.  All you will need is a stop watch and a place to walk.  I find the treadmill is the easiest for me.

Day 1 – Steady Speed Walk – 20 min

Day 2 – Belly Blast – 15 min

Day 3 – Interval Walk – 15 min

Day 4 – Rest   (this ideally could be Sunday)

Day 5 – Steady Speed Walk - 20 min

Day 6 – Belly Blast – 15 min

Day 7 – Interval Walk – 15 min

Steady Speed Walk

Warm up - 3 – 3.5 mph – 3 min

Cardio Walk – 3.5-4 mph – 15 min

Cool down – 3 mph – 2 min

Interval Walk

Warm up – 3-3.5 mph – 3 min

Cardio Walk – 3.5 -4 mph – 1 min

Speed Walk – 4+mph – 30 sec

Repeat Cardio and Speed walk 5 more times

Cardio Walk 3.5-4mph – 1 min

Cool down – 3-3.5 mph – 2 min

Belly Blast

Combine ab with arms and leg exercises

If you want to add another dimension to your experience, motivate yourself from a spiritual perspective.  If you look at the Old Testament and study the commands to take care of the temple and then in the New Testament we are told our body is the temple of the Holy Spirit, I believe a study on the care and keeping of the temple is in order.

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