Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Praying for My Sister In Christ - And My Prayer For You!

Yesterday, I prayed for a dear sister in Christ. She was in pain and in need of relief.  Her ailments are being treated by a doctor and there is mention of cancer.  

In my time of prayer for her I was moved to pray for her to be comforted by her heavenly Father through this time.  I was acutely aware that in times of difficulty, there must be much glory to be seen.  (glory simply meaning bringing attention to)  I couldn't help but ask God if that is why we suffer as we do as His children.   Not always do we reflect the most glory for God through healing.  Signs and wonders are great, and yes, God is a God that can heal.  However, the times where we are in pain, in despair or at the end of our rope, WELL that is where we find ourselves seeking Him.  Then, He equips us if we will fully surrender to Him.   In our difficulty and our desperation, we become fully aware of our need of Him. We tend to draw so much more beautiful attention to our Lord during this time (ie. much glory to God).  I have learned far more about Him in my times of hardship and difficulty.  That is where I learn to love Him more.  During our trials is where we can  fall more deeply in Love with Him.  I prayed she would fellowship with Him, enjoying time with Him, and growing in wisdom and understanding of His ways as she travels through this valley of darkness.

However, my most obvious prayer was for complete healing.  I  know God can do that.  However, I have lived long enough to know that God is not at my beck and call to do my bidding, and my desire.  So as I prayed, I asked and I desired to pray according to the Father's will.  I asked Him to increase my faith as well as her's, and the ability to see even beyond physical healing to the greater purpose of growing in trust, faith and belief.  In addition to being aware of the greater purpose of glorifying Him through whatever will transpire.  (bringing Him the most attention in order to exalt Him).

I desire today that if you find yourself in that dark place of pain, trial, suffering, loneliness, scary diagnosis, loss of a loved one, that you would get a glimpse of the Father's love for you.  He loves you dearly and deeply.  He has not left you nor has He abandoned you.  He walks with you in the valley of the shadow of darkness.  Rest today, invite Him in and just fellowship with Him.  Let Him love on you today.  Remember He paid for you by the shed blood of His own son, so that He could not only spend time communing with you in this life but for eternity.  The price He paid was priceless.  

Be blessed today.

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