Tuesday, August 25, 2015

OBEY - Now There's a Word

When we hear the word obey, why does it conjure up images of restriction, constraint, drudgery and perhaps bondage? When we think of anyone telling us what we can or cannot do, we tend to feel as if they are controlling us. I have been there before.

However now after walking with the Lord for many years, the word obey looks different. I think of obeying as surrender, relaxing and letting someone else lead me and tell me the best way to go. I feel a weight lifted off my shoulders because I am no longer the highest authority in my own life. I don’t have the pressure of making the right decisions.  It makes me feel safer. I have made my share of mistakes in this life, and it is so good to know that I can be free from the consequences of my bad choices when I just stop resisting the One who knows what is best for me.

Obedience to our Creator is similar to a designer or engineer of an automobile. They know how the car was made. They know what it takes to keep it working at its optimum potential.  They know the type of oil that will be best for it.  They know what bolts and screws it needs, and how it is held together. They know it so well that they can write out a list of instructions and publish it as the owner’s manual. But what the designer and engineer will not do is come to the owner of the vehicle and tell them they must follow the orders in the manual. The owner can decide not to follow any of the manual's instructions at any time, but to the owner's disappointment the car will not last very long. So if the owner wants to take care of their investment and want it be useful to them for many years to come, they would need to heed the instructions and advice found in the owner's manual.

We are much like the automobile. We were designed by our Creator, and He knows what we need to do in this life to be able to work at our optimal level of efficiency. We can look to the scripture as our owner's manual. If we follow the advice given in the manual, we will operate more in line with the intent of the designer. When we push to do it our own way and decide not to obey, He will not come to our house and force us to comply. Unfortunately there will be consequences for our disobedience. Just as when we choose not to care for the automobile according to the instructions, it will break down on us. That is a consequence of not adhering to the designer's advice.  So too, we will encounter breakdowns of sorts. The consequences will come. The Creator has given us plenty of warnings, and He gives us advice to keep us from those breakdowns because He cares about us.  He is not trying to rob us of a good time or be a stick in the mud. He just knows the model of the human race and knows what it needs to be fulfilled, peaceful, joyful, etc., basically operate at prime optimum working order!

So I challenge you today... Try resting in the advice and instruction of the Lord. Whatever conviction you may have been resisting…  Whatever Word from the Lord you read and haven't put it into practice… Whatever little thing you are holding onto and justifying it to yourself or even trying to make excuses to God… Whatever it is you are challenged with, why not let go of it and lean into the Word of God's advice.... Trust it instead of thinking that He just doesn't want you to have a good time.  What about just trusting the designer's opinion and stop arguing with Him about it. When He speaks to you, just do what He says.  Just resting in Him. Trusting Him. Not leaning on your own thoughts, opinions, wisdom and understanding. Doesn't that sound like taking a day off?  Doesn't that sound freeing? It sure does to me.

So here is your homework…
·        is there someone you need to forgive… forgive them (no excuses)
·        is there someone you need to go to and ask for forgiveness… go ask
·        is there someone you have sensed you need to call or write to let them know you are thinking of them… call or write 
·        is there a habit you know you need to get rid of… get rid of it  
·        have you felt you need to spend more time in prayer or in God’s word… then just do it  
·        an area of service that you feel God is calling you into… then do it

Whatever it is… stop making excuses… stop waiting… Just DO IT!!!!!

In the current, ongoing series, Brick Building, in this blog, you can actually see more regarding obedience to God's word by following this link Brick Building - Section Seven - The Word. You can scroll down about half the way down to see the section on Obeying the Word. 

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