Sunday, April 30, 2017


The story in scripture about the son who went to his father to ask for his inheritance in order to go away and live it up is a familiar story to many people.  Some people refer to this prodigal as a black sheep, wild child or rebellious child.  The story is a heartbreaking story for this wanderer because he squanders all his inheritance and ends up with the pigs. The story is also heartbreaking for the father who is left behind wondering if his son is okay or will every return home.

I began to think about this scenario as the prodigal son's father waits at home hoping for his sons return. I imagined the other son who remained at home with the father returns home from a journey and tells his father that he has seen the prodigal.  Just imagine the father's excitement.  I imagine he would begin questioning the son. "Did you tell him I love him?"  "Did you tell him he was welcome to return home?" " Did you tell him that I can't wait to see him again?"

I also imagine that our heavenly Father is saying the same things to us when we encounter His wayward, wandering or lost children.  "Did you tell them I love them?"  "Did you tell them that I made a way for them to come home to me?"  "Did you tell them that I can't wait to be in communication with them?" "I have so much I want to tell them.  Did you tell them..."

Be on the look out for the prodigals that may just need to hear from you that the Father is longing for them to come home.

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