Tuesday, June 20, 2017

The Glory of God

I am so comforted to think that God is always with me. Recently, I was overwhelmed by how many times in scripture we are told that God is with us.  He tells us in the old and New Testament.  He tells us that He will not leave us nor forsake us. As if the God of the universe always being with us were not enough already, He also tells us He will fight for us against our enemies.   

We are the absolute luckiest, most blessed of all people because we have the presence of this marvelous God.  He is our purpose for living and our greatest prize. We get the pleasure to enter into an intimate relationship with Him. We get to not only enjoy His glory, but we also get to manifest His glory to the world.

The Lord wants to reveal Himself to us and through us.  He wants to be made known to all the earth.  Glory of God is simply the physical manifestation of God.  We who are His followers can be used by God to reveal His glory to the unbelieving world.   What an amazing honor God has bestowed upon us!
The angels totally knew how to acknowledge the greatness of God as you see in Isaiah 6:3. The whole earth is filled with His glory.  We can see the physical manifestation all around us, and as we spend time with Him, He begins to be displayed in us.

  1. Give thanks to God today as you just meditate on His greatness.
  2. Thank Him for making Himself known.
  3. Spend time today resting in His presence.
  4. Allow God to cover you as you wait on Him.

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