Friday, December 4, 2009

Looking for behavior modification

I have been recently reminded of exactly how Christians appear to the non believing world.  Most of us Christians walk NOT by the fullness of the spirit but by the "do's and don'ts" of our chosen demoninations.  We appear to the world as unhappy, bitter, angry, empty, judgmental, CRITICAL, and above all else, unloving Christians.  I have actually heard it said, "Who would want that!"  So when we are wondering why the world is going to "you know where" in a hand basket, think of how exactly you appear to the non believers.

What if the world is a reflection of Christians as a whole.  If we believe that Jesus' blood paid for our sin, if we believe that God is all powerful, and if we believe that the holy spirit dwells within us, how are we reflecting that to the world? 

The only Jesus the world will see,
really is in you and me. 

If they are not coming to Christ, could it be that we are not showing them the true Christ, but some manufactured, man-made version of what we think Christ should look like.  Just thinking here.  What if Christ was so evident in our lives that we couldn't help ourselves; we would love without trying, correct without condemnation, and draw others to Christ.  What if we met with Christ each morning in prayer and in His word.  What if thru that we became the true embodiment of the living Lord.  Then we may see a change in our world in which we live.  Guess what, THERE is the place where we will see a TRUE REVOLUTION!!!!!!!!!!  Revival always starts in our own hearts.

Let's stop playing Christians and instead seek the Lord with all our hearts.  Let's not lean on our own thoughts of how we should look, or what man says we should or should not be doing  Let's acknowledge God in all we do, and give Him the glory.  Then in and thru all this, HE will direct us.

Praise God!!!!!!!  Merry Christmas during this wonderful season!!!!!!!!

Give the best gift of all this year,, Be Jesus to the world!

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