Monday, November 30, 2009

An approach to reading the Bible

In a daily email message I receive from Pastor Mark Brown's Journey deeper into God's word, is the following suggestions to each of us.

This is what Pastor Brown says he now does when preparing his insights. 

How I read the Bible

So what is my approach to opening the Word?

* I find a quiet place

* I look at my watch and work out when I will stop (seriously, now the issue isn’t forcing myself to read but to stop!)

* I come before God and admit my sin and seek forgiveness

* I pray the Holy Spirit will guide me

* Then, I either read systematically through a book (like Luke) or I allow God to reveal a passage

* I read the passage until stuff starts to appear.. ideas and thoughts as they relate to me

* I read the greek or hebrew version

* I ask God to reveal stuff

* And then I write a reflection

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