Monday, November 2, 2009

Fellowship vs. Sin

Father, I hear you. Sin cast a CLOAK over our eyes. Reality is not this physical world. The true reality is the spiritual realm. You are everywhere. Scripture says we don’t war with flesh and blood, so our war is against Satan and his angels, principalities, and powers of darkness in this age.

Adam walked with you freely until sin came and broke fellowship with you. He was able to be free from sin, but then sin entered the world and a cloak of darkness came over him almost as if the very flesh came over him and he was aware of his nakedness.

Christ came and put on flesh, became flesh, to save us from this body of sin. The body restricts our ability to see and experience you freely and fully.

Paul asked who will rescue me from this body. Sin came alive in the body that day and the desire for self worth, self satisfaction, self worship, and self praise. All came alive in the body. If you eat you will die. Adam ate and didn’t die immediately; therefore leading Adam to believe that sin didn’t bring about death. Adam may not have seen sin’s death effect that tied directly to his actions.

All that we touch and see is not our ultimate reality. Even our expression of praise to You Lord are difficult to do in the body. I remember times of feeling constrained by the body. I felt inadequate to express how I feel toward you in the body. Like the body itself had become a prison restraining my freedom of worship and praise to you. I have been so overwhelmed with no adequate ways to express what was in me. Words were not adequate. David in his love and excitement of Your presence, danced naked in the street. I believe he was naked and unashamed. It was just as Adam was in the garden originally.

Our eyes are veiled so that we cannot see You. Because of our sinful nature we would die. We cannot see your glory. Our body became a veil covering us from Your presence.

Jesus is our gate to enter into your presence. He then became the sacrifice on the altar to forgive our sins.  Then the blood was/is offered to purify us and wash us clean. His body was broken to become the broken bread for us to eat, and the blood poured out was the wine for us to drink.  Now this was done in order for us to fellowship with You, oh God in the Holy Place. As we come to the altar of incense the fragrant aroma of our prayers lifted to you became the closet we get to the veil with Your face pressed against the veil as we pray to you. But the veil was torn and you made a way for us to be in your Full Presence in the Holy of Holies at the arc of the covenant, Your earthly footstool. It is a place of the tomb’s demise. Where Jesus laid 3 days watched by the Cherubim, guarding this precious body. That became Your footstool and our access point or GATE.

As I enter your gate (Jesus) and accept the payment of the sacrifice at the cross, and the bread to be broken for me (by his stripes I am healed) and the wine (purify me by the blood); (all of what Jesus did as I accept it, I become righteous thru believing it) and fellowship with you and pray before You at the tomb/deaths defeat/ Christ’s victory/ at the arc/ footstool and am pressing in against the veil.

This body is the prison and must be willingly crucified to sin (for sin brings death but distance from the closeness of fellowship and being known by You. Sin separated us from You. That is true hell; separation from God.)
Jesus paid the price for my fellowship the sacrifice and offering is done so we now only sacrifice to sin. That is where the high price is paid. So I will no longer allow sin to exist in your body. It is costly and separates. It separated relationships with others as well as separates us from God.

When we sin against another, it separates fellowship and trust. Forgiveness is possible and trust can be restored but not always with man. However with God it always is possible. Simply confess (agreeing with God of what He says is sin and our participation in the sin) Ask for and Accept the forgiveness. Repent (turn from the sin—Go and sin NO MORE—Go and do right) walk in fellowship once again. Just accept Christ’s payment.

Because sin requires blood sacrifice and skin is what covered Adam’s sin, they ripped Jesus flesh. That was MY sin ripping at his flesh. I look on the cross and see the true consequences of my sin. That is what sin brings. It had to look like that. That is what Jesus was willing to do for me. My sin beat him, my sin spat in his face, my sin mocked him, my sin drove the nails in his hands and feet, my sin pierced his brow, and my sin pierced his side with a spear. It was my sin that did it all. My sin brought death. But my God resurrected and brought life to my Jesus, and He brought life to my body. Praise God and Hallelujah (ALL praise to YAHWEH -- YHWH)

Enter His gates with thanksgiving; Jesus is the gate keeper into the presence of God. We can stay in the fellowship of the Lord. We can stay at the temple. Especially because (know ye not that ye are the temple of God) we are the temple. Enter His courts with praise; we enter into the presence by the sacrifice of Jesus, his blood is our righteousness, His body becomes the broken bread and wine of fellowship we eat on and become one with. Our prayers become the pleasing fragrance in the nostrils of our Lord. We can choose to stay in the temple by walking in obedience to God’s commands, resisting sin and all the temptations. Sin is what takes me back out into the desert. Staying longer in the desert can lead me farther and farther away from this place of worship. If I will confess and repent I can enter back into the gate. But I can choose to stay in the temple or in the desert. I choose daily where I will be. My will and my flesh determine my location with Christ, not Satan. So where are YOU?

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