Sunday, November 8, 2009

Weight loss (some simple tips)

When you first feel hungry, drink water and wait 30 minutes. Did you know that most of us do not recognize the difference in the feeling of thirst and hunger? These sensations are actually different however, many misunderstand thirst for hunger. If after the 30 minutes of drinking your water you are still feeling hungry, then eat.

Think portion control. 

Always remember to eat slowly.  DOESN'T matter if you only have a few minutes to eat, or that the kids are needing "this or that", you have to eat slowly. It takes time for the "FULL" signal to be sent from the stomach to the brain.  If you consume too quickly, you will overeat every time.  Once you overeat, you will have STRETCHED the stomach and will require more food to feel full the next time.  Eat slow and reduce your portions.  In time, you will actually SHRINK your stomach size and require less food to feel full. 

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