Thursday, November 12, 2009

Think about this while pursuing weight loss

When you are trying to loose weight, always ask yourself this simple question, "can I sustain this for the rest of my life?"  It is important that you make LIFESTYLE changes.  The reason that most diets don't work is because it is your way of eating that you always return to.  Meaning, you change for a while until you loose the weight and then you GO BACK to your old way of doing things.  The old way of doing things is the reason for the weight gain in the first place.  So may I suggest that you will need to change your behavior.

You will notice that the things that I have suggested regarding weight loss are sustainable life long changes you can make.

So one simple change you can make is to look at the distribution of foods on your plate.  Ladies of average size should have NO more than 4 - 6 oz and men around 8 oz. of meat on their plate.  The carbs should represent a small portion, leaving you with most of your plate being taken by fresh veggies and fruit.  If not fresh, COLORFUL steamed, sauteed, grilled ect, veggies.  There is always some sort of fruit in season.  If you find none you like, try some of the canned or frozen fruits and look for those that are not packaged in pure sugar.  I tell you the convenience of the can is great.  You just have to make wise choices by reading the ingredients on the can.  I find if there are more than a few ingredients, I just don't buy it usually.  I cook with canned veggies some times and pour off the water in the can and add my own water and seasoning.  Most of the veggies are preserved in sodium.  Believe me it will be salty enough.

During this time, start trying things you haven't liked before that you know are good for you.  You may think you don't like certain veggies, but I promise you, we can train ourselves to like a lot of foods.  You just simple introduce it repeatedly.  I use to find ways to make broccoli, turnip greens, spinach, asparagus, etc. taste good. (using various methods of cooking and seasoning)  However over time, I have found that even my children like all of these cooked in a variety of ways.

Also, ask God to help you in this effort.  Let me tell you that a thinner me and a thinner you is going to be a healthy us.  Therefore, God is able to utilize us longer and more efficiently.  A little time focusing on our health can be  a worship and service unto the Lord.  If you look back at my blog regarding our body as the temple of the holy spirit, you will find that the priest took care of the temple as an act of service.  I believe we are to tend to and care for this temple.  We are NOT to worship the temple as some do in our society, but we are to worship the Lord in this temple and with this temple.

Think about asking God to come into your temple and empower you today to care for it as HE would see FIT.  (Get it -- FIT) 

Have a wonderful day and be blessed.
Lots of love

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