Thursday, January 7, 2010


Where is it we are out of balance.

Did you know you can be out of balance in good things as much as bad things?  If we are out of balance in good things, that can still be unhealthy.  For example, you can exercise too much.  If you exercise too much, the results are strains, sprains, tears or repetitive injuries.  Did you know that if you are sedentary (not very active) and overweight, you are probably less healthy than an exercising smoker?   Technology is good and adds possible benefits to our lives if done in moderation.  However, the TEXTER who is driving down the road is actually more impaired while texting than a drunk driver.  (There are actual test done to prove this)   If you sit and read for too long, your eyes will deteriorate more rapidly.  Eye doctors will tell you that you should take breaks and exercise your eyes.  You exercise the eyes by taking time to look away from your reading and focus on distant objects periodically.  

Let's take time today to look at our lives to see if we are living in balance.  Take time with your friends, family, and definitely God; but also make time for yourself.  All of this seems impossible with our busy lives, but I tell you that if you find you are too busy to be balanced, you make your own schedule.  NO ONE else does.  If you find you are in a season of busyness, pray and ask God to help you prioritize your life and tell you what needs to stay and what needs to go.  If you are too busy to be balanced, then you are trying to do too much.  Make sure to take time to rest REGULARLY.  It isn't just a suggestion in the Bible because it is a good idea, it is there as a COMMAND because without it, we become USELESS.

I tell you these things because I desire for each of us to be the best we can be, to enjoy our lives and to be a good representative for God  in the world.

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