Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Clean living

Having lunch today at home and was so reminded of some of God's truths in the process.  I just had to share them.

I was watching "Everyday Italian" on the cooking network a week or so ago.  She showed how to make Italian fast food.  She showed how to do veggies in a way similar to tempura (Italian style), she made fish and a spinach salad.  The salad is what is on my mind.  It was so simple.  You zest the outside of lemon, then squeeze out the juice, add olive oil, wisk it and pour it over your spinach.  (I added a little salt and pepper)  That evening, I made the entire dinner and it was great.  Everyone enjoyed it, including one of my daughter's friends. 

The reason I share this, I had some salad leftover from this weekend.  I grabbed a lemon and made the dressing mentioned above.  Had a pack of pink salmon, almonds and feta.  I just had the best lunch.  I began to walk my dog following the lunch and that is when the truth became clearer to me.  Strange the number of revelations I get when My dog, Myself and MY GOD all go on a walk.

The minute I walked out the door, I began my conversation with God.  I said WOW I feel clean and fresh and yet amazingly satisfied.  The sense or awareness of this truth came clear in that this is how our mind works as well.  If we expose our minds to healthy thoughts, thinking on those things which are pure, holy, of good report; things that are edifying, we will feel clean and fresh in our minds.  Conversely, if we decide to expose ourselves to depravity, evil, sinful things and think on / dwell on these things, we WILL corrupt our mind.

So set your minds on things above.  We are called to live here as ambassadors of Christ. We represent the Lord.  We are the glory of God in bodily form.  If you have accepted Christ as your savior, He bought you by the price of his blood and death on the cross.  Dwell on that thought, and allow that to penetrate into your mind and heart.  IF you have accepted Christ, you no longer are your own to do as you please.  You are NO LONGER free to act in the manner in which seems right to you or the world.  Repent means to change even your way of thinking, and allow your mind to become the mind of Christ. According to 1 Cor 2:16, we have the mind of Christ. 

The definition of the Greek word for repent used in the New Testament is to change one's mind, i.e. to repent, to change one's mind for better, heartily to amend with abhorrence of one's past sins
Strangely, repent in the old Testament means the following:
to be sorry, console oneself, regret, comfort, be comforted, be moved to pity, have compassion, suffer grief,

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