Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Why can't I remember to do what I know I need to do???

You know there is nothing better than freshly baked bread.  It smells so wonderful.  It tastes even better.  Yet I find myself settling many times for week old bread.  You can still eat it, but it just isn't as satisfying.  You know I am just thinking over the fact that I cannot live on spiritually old bread.  The physical body doesn't do well when we are eating bread that is old and moldy  (not to mention that it just taste bad).  I can't understand why I find myself not looking for freshly baked spiritual bread.  I so often settle for all the old words from God when He has a fresh word for me every day.  I just don't understand myself.  I never have to settle on crumbs or old bread.  I pray that I will seek my Father daily for my bread.  So my prayer is that I ask my Father to give me this day my daily bread each day.


  1. Wonderful thoughts, Beverly. This is a challenge to me not to settle for crumbs, burnt toast or what-have-you.

  2. I love the "burnt toast analogy! :)