Friday, March 9, 2012

More Churchy Words

In light of the previous posts, I wanted to continue down this road with the churchy words we often use and may not fully comprehend their meaning.  there are a multitude of them and I may continue down this path, but for now, here are a few that just encouraged me to look at.  also, some of the words I just didn't get until I started researching them.

Emmanuel - God with us!!!!

He promises never to leave us nor to forsake us.    I find that so incredibly comforting.

Mount - the verb - to rise or ascend
           to get up on something above the level of the ground
           to go up:  climb
This brings to my mind the verse from Isaiah that references the "mount up on wings as eagles."  The verse that inspired this blog.  Also, the definitions remind me of two songs.  "You Raise Me Up" by Selah,    and "I Will Rise" by Chris Tomlin.

Grace - Receiving something you can never deserve or earn.  Unearned favor

Mercy - Where there is guilt yet not receiving a punishment you deserve

"I Lift My Hands" by Chris Tomlin

Fetter - chain or shackle for the feet; something that confines; restraint

Fount - fountain or source

Ebenezer - Stone of Help. The name Eben-Ezer also means "God has led us thus far" or "Thus far God has helped us" according to 1 Samuel 7:12. 

Look at the words in the old hymn, "Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing" which uses some of these words in the lyrics.  Over the years the song went through changes.  See below the various versions.  Click on this link and scroll down to see all the lyrics.

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