Friday, September 19, 2014

Learning the Art of Caring for the Temple

When a toddler is learning to walk, a good mom never spanks the child for falling. For every fall is teaching the toddler balance and building strength.   Just remember that this life isn't about getting things perfect. It is a marathon of learning and relying on God.   It is all about a relationship with Him through His Spirit by what His Son did on the cross   

Brothers and Sisters who are dearly loved by God, you have a divine purpose. 

Each of us need to care for the temple as an act of worship to our king. Not to worship our body or have others worship it, but as an act of worship.  Just as if Jesus were coming to your house for a visit, you would care for it because "COMPNY is COMIN'"  (hopefully you can read that with a southern accent -- misspelled on purpose)

We are more than conquerors.  We are children dearly loved by our Father and He has chosen us for a divine purpose.  We are called to bring Him much glory in this world.  The greatest privilege is to live a life that so reflects His image that we are practically transparent (see through) so that the world sees Jesus.  Our body is the temple of the Holy Spirit.  So let’s take care of the housekeeping and do it not for self but unto the Lord. 

When reaching for food out of habit or just because it is time, stop and think.  Grab you a glass or bottle of water.  Drink it all!  Now are you still hungry?  If so, eat a reasonable amount.  

Stay as close to the original food as possible.  The more processed a food is, the less it will truly satisfy the nutritional needs your body has.  When we look out at 3rd world nations, we see malnutrition.  But if we truly understood what that means, we would see it here in this country as well.  When we strip the nutritional value from a food to extend its shelf life, we have eliminated its purpose for eating it.  Americans are overweight but malnourished.  The reason many overeat is that the body communicates to the brain what it needs through cravings.  But if those cravings are misread then we eat the wrong foods.  Our body may crave magnesium.  (most women crave this in the form of chocolate)  You can appease this by supplements or eating foods high in magnesium.  Even chocolate is not the problem.  But if I eat something else instead that has a long shelf life and that is manufactured until the magnesium is not even hardly a trace in the item I choose to eat; then I have consumed a high calorie item without meeting my nutritional need.  This means the craving for the magnesium was never met, the deficiency is still there and I will continue consuming or desiring to consume until the deficit is met.   Simple as that.  

Most isles in the center of the grocery store is all processed foods.  If you will start purchasing MOST of your groceries in the perimeter of the store, you will start to find that you will wean yourself off the bulk of your processed foods.  Does that mean you can never have another bowl of Mac N Cheese?  No,  It means that processed foods need to be reduced, and whole foods need to become more of a mainstream of your diet.   The main reason Americans over eat in my opinion is that they are starving themselves of nutrition, and the body is trying to preserve itself by sending signals to EAT!   But if we keep making choices that are of no value to the body, what’s a body to do?  The body is going to keep sending the signal of "I’M HUNGRY!!!!"
Regarding exercise, cardio at least 3/4 days per week for at least 20-30 minutes.  My preference is to do intervals of high intensity for 1/2 the time you recover.  (meaning jog for 1 minute, sprint 30 seconds, jog 1 minute continue)  Add weights to your week several times per week.  Park farther away from the entrance to make yourself walk farther, if you are in good health.  Take stairs when possible.  If you are sitting for long periods of time, get up and take a walk break.  Be a body in motion.   look for ways to be a BODY IN MOTION.  
Stay off the diet drinks.  They can have a reverse effect on your body and actually make you gain or make it harder to lose weight.  The artificial sweetener in them is known to cause migraines.  (among other possible negative side effects) 

Drink water throughout the day! 

Find an activity you enjoy.  Get you a hoola-hoop.  Jump rope.  Get a  small mini trampoline and just bounce on it.  Find something you love to do and get started doing it.

May God inspire you to endure as you take care of His temple, your body.  For I know, brothers and sisters who are loved by God, God has chosen you.  I also know that He will equip you and I pray that you will not grow weary in this endeavor.  Be filled with the Holy Spirit.
Have a great week!!!!!!!

Be blessed today. Remember GOD has chosen YOU. 

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