Wednesday, September 23, 2015

God is Good, All the Time

This week has been one that has been challenging for many in my local body of believers.  We have watched in shock as a precious family in our body experienced a terrible loss. This young couple is mourning the loss of their almost two year old son.

My heart is broken for them, but I am also aware at how I cannot fathom the heartbreak they feel. Those of us who have never experienced that sort of loss cannot begin to even imagine how they will go on. We cannot grasp the sustaining power of God in that moment until we are there.  God draws near to the broken hearted not those that are looking at the broken hearted. He comforts those who mourn. But when we are trying to imagine it for another with empathy, we are not able because that is not our reality but theirs. He is sufficient in our circumstances, not in our imagination.

As these thoughts kept going through my mind, I kept rehearsing all that I know to be true about God. I woke this morning to thoughts of how the enemy is ruthless and will use this as an opportunity to attack them. We need to remember he is ruthless, and he will use this as an opportunity to challenge their faith and belief in God. This is where the body of believers need to cover them in prayer. We need to hold up our belief of God, how big He is, how faithful He is and how good He is.  Not that we go to them and say these things, but rather that we pray for them, we believe God for them and allow our faith to be a shield that covers them as they process their pain in the presence of God.

When we experience times of trial, trouble, difficulty and heartbreaking hardship or great loss, that is the time the enemy will come to us to pose questions to us like "What kind of God allows this", "If God really loved you would He...", "God is not faithful or trustworthy" and the list goes on and on.
This is when we need to remember God is trustworthy, faithful, loving...  but we do not always understand His ways. When we cannot comprehend the whys, we have to trust God.

The enemy of our soul wants to separate us from God. He wants to do this to hurt the heart of God and in separating us, we are unprotected and ripe for the enemy to steal from us, kill and destroy us.

When Satan tempts us to doubt God, let's resist him. Let's submit instead to God, let's cling to Him and rest in knowing that He is bigger than our pain. He is our healer. He is our comforter.  He is the only One that can get us through it.

Heavenly Father, 
You are good. Watch over, comfort and protect this dear family. Guard them from the fiery arrows of the evil one. Surround them with your love. Place them underneath Your wings. Draw them in to You.  Lord, give them peace that passes our understanding in the midst of this horrible storm and protect their marriage and family relationships. 

I ask these things in Jesus Name.  Amen.

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