Friday, July 13, 2012

Renovation (again?)

Going thru another renovation in my home.  This time it is the small 1960's size bathroom (looks like an average size closet).  We cannot really increase the size but we are updating the look.  As I am typing this, there is the sound of breaking tile and hammering going on.  The cement behind the tile is really thick and the there is wire behind that.  I think it is going to take lots of time and effort to get that out of there.

However, progress is noisy, messy, intrusive in our daily lives.  But in order to go from where we are to where we want/need to be, it takes going thru the mess, noise and discomfort.  Spiritually speaking, God never wants to leave us in our current state.  He has plans for us that go beyond what we can even fathom.  We long to be significant yet we don't want to get out of our comfort zone in order to become significant.

I was watching a movie "What If..."  and this angel is talking to the main character.  The man says to the angel, "It can't be that simple."  And the angel replied, "It is that simple. It is just hard."  That made me think that the entire Christian walk is that way.  It really is simple but it is hard for us because we really don't want to go thru the renovation process with our Lord.  It takes work, it is painful and yes sometimes it can be a bit annoying and noisy.  We really just want Him to do a miracle in us and immediately have the new person appear.  We always like the miraculous, but God loves the process.  He also knows us.  We need that time, and that process in order to appreciate the work He does in us.  We think of miracles as being those instant changes, but that process works in us a maturity and a staying power in us that no instant fix can ever do.   so really that process of God working in us is a miracle.

BUT with my bathroom scenario, the process of change takes time, hammering, strange smells, LOTS OF DUST, and the intrusiveness of having people in my home until the BEAUTY of a new bathroom appears.  So will be the case for us and our process of change to become significant and be able to be used by God in His purpose for our lives.

So here is my question for the day; Are we willing to go thru the pain, discomfort and interruptions to become the beautiful creation that our Lord died for us to become?  The only way we can truly see what He has in mind for our lives is to surrender to Him and tell Him you are ready for your new remodel!!!!!!!!!

Let the construction begin!

PS. I came across a little statement that I thought went along well with this topic.  "It was never promised to us to be easy, only worth it."

Be blessed today.
Your sister in Christ

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