Monday, March 2, 2015

Why do We Need to Exercise?

Accountability is usually a key to long lasting results along with mindset and determination. As a personal

trainer, I can always tell the ones that have determined to be healthier and ready to make lifestyle changes. Making good food choices is a key for weight loss.  We need to be intentional with what goes into our body, that is very important.

I believe exercise is not for the purpose of weight loss.  However, so many people approach exercise that way. I tell my clients that exercise is for our well being and health.  Some studies show that exercise is not an efficient way to lose weight. Per hour we all burn calories just by being alive, the extra effort from exercise will use up some calories above that. Most of the time, we end up eating more to take up that deficit that could have been created. I believe that is because the exercise mentally makes us feel OK to eat even more.  (not always)

So I find that the best approach to answer the question “why we need to exercise “is to feel better, look better, and be healthier.  Basically to be the best we can be.

If a client is wanting to lose weight I always give them a simple calculation based on their current weight and their goal weight to determine how many calories they should be consuming.  Then I always recommend that they begin to journal their caloric intake and in some cases how their emotional state was at the time.  I find many clients eat out of emotional responses rather than hunger.  I also have them record their activity.  I believe that trying to walk approx. 10,000 steps per day is a good goal.  There are all sorts of pedometers on the market, low end around $10 all the way up to $150 for high end that reports to your smart phone. 

My philosophy is “be a body in motion."  The choice of movement is up to you.  I always encourage safety in my classes and with my clients. Start off slower and increase your workouts.

I have believed for some time that interval training should be included in a weekly routine.  I like the idea of two days during the week doing a cardio burst for short segments (for example: warm-up 5 Min. Cardio burst where you go all out for 30 seconds and recover for 1.5  min. continue for 8 segments and cool down -- I recommend building up to the 8 segments if you have not been accustomed to this level of intensity) The remaining days of the week, just try to get in some cardio, muscle work and get your steps in for each day.

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