Friday, March 20, 2015

Chicken Little or Little Chicken

I have a ache in my heart.  Perhaps a heaviness that others of you may also have. I am wondering if I am the only one.  But of course that is what the enemy always wants me to think.  

I notice how current events follow so closely to the written script we see in the bible.  At times it is frightening.  I can't help but wonder what is next on the kingdom calendar.  I read stories of the significance of the blood moons, solar and lunar eclipse, and their correlations with the Jewish calendar and the feasts.  

I saw an article today about the solar eclipse that is to occur today which is the first day of the first month on the Jewish calendar.  

All of this I share to get to the reason for the title.  If I believe the bible, that it is the word of God and that it is God breathed; then if I believe it, why do I remain silent as historical prophecies unfold?  Is it because I am fearful of how I will look to my loved ones, friends, neighbors and community?  Or is it because I do not want to be Chicken Little who said the sky is falling, and then it doesn't fall.  

I do believe that there will be a time when God will judge sin and the world.  I believe that there will be a time when God will send Christ Jesus back to earth.  I believe that everything in scripture is being fulfilled or has already been fulfilled.  I believe every day we live on the earth, we are one day closer to that return.  

Many current events involving Israel, seem to be heading to a climax.  The story of the ages has been told and just as any great story, there is a point in the plot where it gets very intense.  It feels that way NOW.  

I know I risk a great deal by saying this, but it is time to call for repentance.  It is time to call one another to sanctification and purity.  It is time to pursue righteousness for those that have been straddling the fence.  If you have loved ones that have not received Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior, talk to them.  Let today be the day of salvation.  

I risk looking like Chicken Little if nothing changes in the next several years and discarded as an alarmist, but if I am correct and we are beginning to see the beginning of the end, then I would be a BIG Chicken and not just a little chicken if I remained quiet.  

So for the sake of the lost, will we risk the possibility of being a Chicken Little or will we just be a big chicken?

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