Friday, May 8, 2015

Worship excerpt from Skip Heitzig

Listening to Skip Heitzig's podcast today entitled Luke 24. This is a quote from it.

"When Jesus reveals Himself to you, He will set your heart on fire. And when Jesus sets your heart ablaze, you know what will happen? You will worship.  I'm convinced that one of the reasons people do not engaged in a worship service, its more for them about observation than actually being a part of it. and inclusion in the service. They are sort of looking around and not really singing. They are just watching. They need heartburn. They need the Lord to reveal Himself to them so their heart is on fire. And even if you have walked with Him for years, yes it can be a controlled burn, but it ought to be a blaze. and when your heart is on fire, you are a worshipper.  No one has to tell you 'come on let's worship'. You'll do it. First chord, you are there.

I'm singing to God, I'm talking to the Lord. Lord don't go further, stay with me, abide with me. "

He ended his prayer with these parting words: "Let's not just be church goers, but be Christ's followers!"

Just wanted to share this today and let those words fall on our hearts as we read it.

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