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April 19 entry

I wrote this April 19, 2009.  It just goes with the stuff I wrote earlier today.

I am absolutely overwhelmed today. Can't even begin to express in words all that I have been hearing or sensing from the Lord. I have been looking at the Seder meal that Jesus would have participated in on His last week of physical life. As I researched many aspects of it, I began to allow myself to go places in my heart and in my mind. I have so much to tell much to tell about it. It is several fold. If you are interested in knowing more. Read on...

Scripture references will be

John 3:1-21 &; Numbers 21

Psalms of ascent 120-134 &; Psalms called Hallel Ps 113 - 118 recited during the 4th cup of wine at Seder

Oh and add 1 Cor 10 that shows the baptism of Israel...

1. It started with the revelation of sin in my life. Small or big is no matter. I saw my sin and was sad. But if there is no condemnation then what is the sin to do. Actually the sin can lead to life. Look at What Christ says in Jn 3 to Nicodemus. He says just as the snake is lifted up to save those bit by the snakes, the son of man will also be lifted up for all who look on him will have LIFE. Well then sin may be the thing that is not condemnation but simply and indication of where we are and what we need.

2.Then comes the willingness to look at sin. The Israelites that were bit by the snakes had to look upon the bronze snake to be saved and live. I think we have to allow the sin to indicate to us that it is sin and then we need to be willing to look at it and its effect it had on Jesus on the cross.

Sin like the snake brings death, but willingness to accept God's designated path to right standing with Him will bring us life. This is so good I am not doing it justice

3. Seder prep- family looks for all leaven in the house. All leaven is removed from the house in prep for the Passover. Leaven or yeast is compared to sin. They use a candle and a FEATHER to find and sweep up ALL remnants of it that is found. What if we sweep our lives before the light of the Lord and willingly confess the sin that is exposed ... NOT to condemn us but to prepare us for the true sacrifical Lamb. We have to LOOK at the sin then see the sins effect on the Lamb. With each rip of the flesh each thorn piercing His brow, representing the sins effect on the body. My body unless I accept and receive the sacrifice for me.

4. The seder or passover breaks bread, eats the meat from the sacrifice. they must break NO bones, the head, limbs and organs in tack. any left must be burned. So the meat is torn. The family did the sacrifice not the priest. So we all slaughter the innocent lamb. The blood is applied to the door so the angel of DEATH would pass by. Side note: notice how many times Jesus refers to himself as gate or way. Then think of the blood above the door again.

5. Let me tell you I began to read the Psalms that would have been read during the passover and began to weep. Psalms called Hallel Ps 113 - 118 recited during the 4th cup of wine at Seder.

Then I read the Psalms of Ascent that they would recite or sing on the way to Jerusalem and represents the 15 procedures done during the Passover seder. These are also parallel to the steps to the temple. There are 4 cups to drink during the seder. Each represents the "I wills" of God in Ex 6:6-7 I will bring out, deliver, redeem and take.

So why do you think an OT ritual would be so full of meaning to a NT girl? In the presence and inspiration of the Holy Spirit and the light that is the truth of the Word of Jesus, it was amazing. It is symbolism that God has used to explain the uncomprehensible to me in terms I can understand. Ritual in act is nothing, but add the spirit's inspiration and you have an igniting fire.

I feel like I have eaten a tasty bit of food and I want you to share it with me. I haven't done it justice but I so long for you to know this with me. I want you to taste it and smell its aroma. WOW I am in awe right now.

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