Thursday, October 29, 2009

Changing our critical attitude

Oh my goodness, been listening to some interesting stuff. The topic dealt with criticism as sin. Just the fact that we have a critical spirit is offensive to God. The reference was from Miriam's criticism of her brother Moses in Exodus. It led to her being exiled for 7 days outside the camp because she was struck with leprosy. This was after Moses had pled on her behalf to God to forgive her. All the Israelites could not advance the camp for 7 days as they waited on Miriam.

Well let's take a look at just how often we have been critical of God's chosen vessels. (the ones that God chooses to work thru) I know I have been guilty. I had to confess this to God, and get back into right fellowship with Him. I don't know about you, personally I don't want anything to keep me from meeting in the holy place with God. No thing between me and my savior.

So to continue in our criticism is sin.

So would this be having a hypocritical (hypo - CRITICAL) attitude? This is the same thing that is often so offensive to us as we read the attitudes of the Pharisees in the New Testament with Jesus. If you do not find yourself here at this time, mark my words, this is a place those of us who walk with God for a time, can easily find ourselves. I don't rightly know how it happens, but it quickly goes from humble insight of others shortcomings, or discernment; but turns into prideful self righteousness and a critical spirit.

Let's be alert to this in our thoughts, attitudes and words. These are usually aimed at our leaders in church, government or homes. Just remember if you are beginning to wander in the desert, and not be filled with the joy you are accustomed to having; you may be in sin due to a critical attitude or spirit. REMEMBER in yesterday's post, we can enter into the tabernacle/fellowship thru purification of sin or we can wander in the desert in our sinful state. Where we are with God is up to us.

Have a blessed day and looking forward to whatever God will show me tomorrow.

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