Tuesday, October 27, 2009


I am blessed to be a child of God. I am bought by the price of the blood shed on the cross for me. I love Jesus and I want to encourage others to walk closely with Him. Then based on that intimate walk, become Christ to those around them, to be walking out the WORD of God; to become the living Word.

I have been sharing my thoughts with others for some time on Facebook. As time has gone by, I have been humbled by the interest and response I have been given from several of you. I had a friend share with me that perhaps it was time to start a blog. I didn't know where to begin and this friend showed me the way. Thanks Marty.

God has been entrusting me with certain insights for some years now. Not always knowing what to do with them, I would do nothing. There came a time in particular that a dear Christian friend was concerned for me and asked me how she could specifically pray for me. I told her that I was overwhelmed with things that God was showing me, and I felt at times as though I would explode if I could not express them.

I feel confined at times with the physical body I am placed in. I get so overwhelmed with what God reveals to me that my body becomes like a prison. I cannot adequately express my excitement, thankful gratitude, awe, love, thrill, etc. in the confines I am currently housed in. My sharing on Facebook has provided me an enormous opportunity for relief.

Now, I am expressing these thoughts here. I am placing these gifts out here for anyone desiring a gift of encouragement today.

Let me know if you find this encouraging. I am excited to have a site to express and share these ideas, thoughts and inspirations.

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