Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Seek God's face and not His hand

Heard this saying this morning and really decided to ponder it. "Seek God's face and not His hand." Wow, simple words but very profound. I have for some time been aware of the necessity to seek God and not his healing, blessings; basically all He can DO for me. The things He can do for me will come because of WHO He is. But we miss so much if all we seek is what He does for us and leave feeling empty. No child ever is satisfied with just what the parent gives thru gifts and "stuff". Deep down, they truly want to spend time with and be with and be known by their parents. That is where it is most satisfying. I dare you to test it and see. I dare you to seek the healer and not the healing. Healing may or may not come, but you will be joyful either way. Seek the rewarder and not the reward. Seek the blesser and not the blessing. Seek the redeemer not the redemption. I have heard it said that we are HUMAN BEINGS and NOT HUMAN DOINGS. Look for the BEING in God and not the DOING of God. Let's give it a try. Will we be more joyful and satisfied. I dare you to try it to see for yourself!!!!

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