Tuesday, October 27, 2009

More stuff going on in my head

Have had some much on my mind. I think being in my head is like the traffic we had going in and out of Chicago over fall break. I cannot even express the amount of traffic in my head.

One thing I was thinking: The enemy of our soul has done such a number on humanity. MAN had dominion over the earth. It was ours, not satan's. So he came along and convinced MAN that God was holding out on him and that He didn't want MAN to have fun, enjoy life, or have wisdom. On the other hand, God gave MAN a stearn warning that all will certainly not be well if ... (Here we can apply any given sin.) So MAN decides to go along with satan. He decides to COOPERATE with HIS enemy. MAN decides to really turn from and away God, and goes his own way. What on earth did it cost him? EVERYTHING. Think about it. To begin with, he lost Dominion over the earth!!!! GEN 1:26 & 28 According to Gen 2:15 he was to watch over the garden. DUDE, dominion means dominance or power through legal authority. Also, to rule, dominate, tread down.

It also cost us fellowship with God. Once the enemy convinces us to sin, he has managed to separate us from our relationship with God. Sin defiles and brings death. We are to confess (agree with God about our sin) Repent (turn from it) and again walk in righteousness (Christ bought it for you with his blood) Accept the payment and refuse to work with the enemy who only wants to separate us from true fellowship with God

So here is my point. The enemy LIED to Adam and he is still lying to us. His job is to convince us that God doesn't want the best for us. He wants us to believe that there are things, stuff, and highs that will fulfill us. He is more than happy to provide those things. To get us CAUGHT up in something, anything that will distract us from God. Then once we give into the temptation, he turns on us and condemns us. Then we feel guilt and we then feel our separation from God.

So we need to wake up and be alert. Roman 6:14 says that sin no longer has dominion over us for we are under grace. In whatever amount you COOPERATE with satan is the amount of dominion YOU ALLOW him to have in your life. Once we are bought by the blood of Christ, we are NO longer subjected to the enemy's dominion. EXCEPT that which we ALLOW.

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